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Nearly 4 weeks of Olbas oil, homeopathic remedies,  saline spray and snot sucking devices being used on my 4 month old baby, after one session with Petra, I have a baby sleeping soundly with no blocked nose and no snots. The osteopathy unblocked her at the back of her neck and she can sleep soundly. The relief of being able to put baby down to sleep and that she can still breathe..... THANK YOU,  you are a legend. Thank you so much!   Kate Moss 25/2/17

I'm so glad we found Petra, I was at a loss as to how to treat my daughters back pain and Osteopathy treatments with Petra have helped immensely. 

If anyone needs osteopathy I would recommend Petra, her treatment is gentle and she is very knowledgeable. She has helped us immensely. Thank you!  Aia Allin 17/7/17

An excellent osteopath.  Petra treats me from time to time, for back and shoulder problems; usually one treatment and I'm good!  Petra is very skilled, intuitive, knowledgeable.  I couldn't recommend her highly enough.  Thank you.   Wendy Robinson 9/8/17

Petra treated my baby girl who is 15 weeks old for a digestive problem. My baby was already very irritated before the treatment and Petra handled her so well. You could literally hear and feel my baby relax every time Petra did something. Highly recommended. Thank you.  Nini Curtis 30/7/17

I was suffering from a trapped sciatic nerve for ages. Petra gave me one treatment over a year ago and I've had no trouble since. Thanks Petra! You are gifted!  Rachel Browne 5/2/17

She helped me so much it led me to a much sought after diagnosis I had be trying and failing to get for ten years.   Kyle Strachan 2/2/17

Petra is wonderful! I love the way she helps me whenever I feel stuck or I have pain in my body. <3 She also treated both my sons from birth on, she keeps all of us healthy and happy!  Annika Suoma Frey 2/2/17

A few years ago I was having a lot of problems with muscle pain in my back and shoulder, as I surfed, kayaked and drove a lot for work it wasn't getting any better. I had tried lots of other osteopaths and chiropractors but Petra sorted it out in a few sessions.

Will Ginger 5/2/17

On the recommendation of my son I went to Petra in a lot of pain and a seriously out of line back. Walked out straight after a wonderful gentle treatment. Just needed one follow up treatment and the problem was sorted.
She has also sorted my husbands stomach problems. She is now the family osteopath. Biddy Gander

Walking around a festival with shoes that were too big I sprained my ankle. After an hr session with Petra I was back dancing that night. Was surprised, thought I'd be hobbling around. There was still some pain but I could walk and dance! Seamus Collard

Petra very quickly and very gently sorted very painful lower back injury which had been going on for far too long. Massive relief. Most grateful. Cara Tremayne

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